COVID-19 Announcement

RiskPoint Insurance Advisors is carefully monitoring the continued development of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and is taking action as needed to assure we remain ready to support our insureds.  Below are answers to frequently asked questions we have received from you, our clients:

How can we protect workers from the risk of COVID-19?
Please follow guidance from OSHA, available here:

Are there legal guidelines for requiring employees to get COVID-19 tests or vaccinations?
Please refer to this guidance from the EEOC.

Is there coverage for claims arising out of an occurrence of the Coronavirus?
Every claim that occurs is unique, and coverage is determined based on the insurance product involved and the facts presented. It is not possible to offer a general opinion on the existence of coverage for this reason. We are here to help review your specific policy and provide guidance in pursuing a claim.

If you have questions about Oregon workers’ compensation claims, please visit the Oregon Compensation Division’s COVID-19 page.
The National Conference of State Legislatures is also a great resource.

What if you believe that you may have a claim?
If you believe you may have a claim relating to COVID-19, please review the terms of your policy or contact us. View our Claim Form Here.

Am I able to request policy changes and submit new business?
RiskPoint Insurance Advisors and our carriers are open for business as usual. Please contact us with any questions or needs you may have, and we will work with your carrier and get you an answer as soon as possible.

Is there any advice I can give regarding how to deal with the Coronavirus as a risk?
We encourage every insured to consider their independent situation, and to take precautions they deem appropriate to mitigate risk to their business. Review of Centers for Disease Control information is a great way to find reliable information. You can learn more by visiting: Guidelines for making Emergency plans for your family or business are available here.