Increase Efficiency, Decrease Waste

create a competitive environment and secure the coverages that are relevant to your business exposures


control costs and lowering workers' compensation claims, decreasing employee turnover, reducing vulnerability to government fines and civil lawsuits


 improve productivity and contributing to higher profits at an extremely low net cost

Consulting Services

The world is ever changing and simply being reactive is not effective. With RiskPoint, your business can be proactive in risk control and claims management. 


Summary of Services:


Human Resources

We provide business owners with a single accessible resource for all their HR needs and a cost-effective alternative to maintaining expensive HR staffs.


Safety and Health

It is very difficult for most small- and medium-size businesses to maintain compliance with the ever-changing federal and state regulations. We provide our clients with hands-on training enabling them to remain in compliance and more importantly provide a safe working environment for their employees.

Make sure company handbook is compliant

Sexual harassment trainings

unemployment claims control